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Telo : lost over 14kg

Telo : lost over 14kg

Julia Buca : lost over 15kg and turn out to become a fitness model

Andrew Panetta : lost over 20kg of fat in 5 months

Shane Mcjarrod : lost over 12kg of fat …

Spending most of my working day at a desk, I needed to improve my general muscle tone, fitness and flexibility. I was recommended toChristian and after 3 or 4 years, I am very happy with the improvements he has helped me achieve, in particular to my back which has had problems in the past. His training is tailored to what you want to achieve and he is exceptionally well qualified for a personal trainer.





Having spent a number of years going through different gym memberships and personal trainers with the initial enthusiasm of making a change fast eroding each time, I joined an another gym and introduced myself to Christian with the same ‘this time it will be different’ attitude. My goals to lose weight and get fitter were the same as before however recognizing immediately this individual trainer is ‘different’ and stands out from the pack.

There are many no nonsense, I will ‘make a change in you’ trainers to choose from however Christian provides a fully qualified, professional and uniquely individual approach to my training and personal development. Myself and my work Team have been training with Christian at ESCP through individual PT sessions, group training and specialized classes for the last 4 years and the results, coupled with continuous improvement / buckets of sweat and fun, have exceeded any expectation with only more to come… If you are looking for a change in body shape and mindset regardless of age, gender or fitness level then dont just take my word for it book a session with Christian and start to make the ‘difference’ now.


I never believed that exercise is a priority until 4 years ago when I met my trainer Christian. At first, it looked tough and scary and coming from an Asian background and a mother didn’t help much but on the other hand I keep asking myself where and what I want to look like in the next 10 years, my body will change for the worse as I age if I don’t look after myself.

I took my training seriously, my trainer as motivated as ever help me to work consistently, making it look fun and guiding me through the right results with a well individualized structured exercise program that suits my needs and fitness goals.

I completed my first power lifting Competition, lost a lot of fat mass, toned my body and literally feel like I have 15 years behind me.

I came tops in my weight category during my first power lifting Competition.

I will recommend Christian as a trainer and a nutrition coach to anyone, any day ! He’s highly qualified and understand that everyone is an individual. To me exercise now that become a lifestyle habit and it’s one of the greatest thing that motivates me in my down moments.



I always had something to blame for feeling bad. My back was sore. I was overweight. I was short of breath. I couldn’t run. I couldn’t sleep. And it wasn’t for wanting to try, but I just could not make inroads into improving my fitness.

Then Chris became my trainer. One by one, my ailments have faded and I really do feel reborn, as corny as that sounds! The key is well structured Strength training program that Chris designed to help me push through my physical problems  and indeed Chris made it happen!

For many years I practiced a lot of things including Pilates and Yoga in the hope that it would improve my back. It certainly helped, but in reality, my back needed super strength to make the muscles work again in the correct way. Now that I can stand straight I can walk and run straight and this feels great!

If you haven’t tried strength training at ESCP then give it a try! Increase your intensity and finally get fit land strong like me!

James Harriman